Template Letters

TRAC encourages you to communicate with your landlord in writing. If you ever have to go to dispute resolution, your evidence of written correspondence could be the difference between winning and losing your hearing. Find the template you need below, add the specific details about your situation, and send the letter using one of the approved methods according to the Residential Tenancy Act.

Roommate Agreement

TRAC’s Roommate Agreement Template is meant to get you and your prospective roommate(s) to think about what rules you want to agree to before moving into a rental unit together. It can be used when two or more roommates are considering starting a tenancy together where some or all of the roommates will be named on the tenancy agreement, or when tenants who are already living in a rental unit are considering having a roommate move in to live with them.

Renting It Right

Renting It Right is a free video-based and self-paced online course that gives tenants practical and legal information on how to find rental housing, maintain a stable tenancy, and resolve disputes with their landlord. The course has been developed in partnership with the Justice Education Society.

Tenant Survival Guide

Since 1984, TRAC has been producing the Tenant Survival Guide (TSG). Now on its 13th edition, the TSG offers plain language legal education on tenants’ and landlords’ rights and responsibilities in BC. Order a hardcopy or view our online wikibook to learn how you can survive as a tenant in BC’s challenging rental housing market.