Renting It Right



The Basics

Renting It Right is a free video-based and self-paced online course that gives tenants practical and legal information on how to find rental housing, maintain a stable tenancy, and resolve disputes with their landlord. The course has been developed in partnership with the Justice Education Society.



Renting It Right: Rights and Responsibilities

Renting It Right: Rights and Responsibilities is TRAC’s most popular course. Developed for any tenant in BC, students will learn about their legal rights and responsibilities, and how to maintain a stable tenancy with their landlord. Key topics include:

  1. Living in Peace
  2. Paying Rent
  3. Repairs and Services
  4. Ending a Tenancy
  5. Problem Solving

Registered students who pass the course are provided with a certificate of completion. LandlordBC, the province’s leading landlord organization, endorses Renting It Right and encourages landlords to view this course certificate positively. Consider including your Renting It Right certificate as part of your rental applications in order to increase your chances of securing housing and developing a positive relationship with your landlord.



Renting It Right: Finding a Home

Renting It Right: Finding a Home has been designed for individuals who are looking to rent a home in BC for the first time. Students will learn how to search for housing, put together a strong rental application, and safely sign a tenancy agreement. Key topics include:

  1. Needs & Preferences
  2. Finding a Place
  3. Rental Applications
  4. Tenancy Agreements
  5. Moving In



Renting It Right: Dispute Resolution

Renting It Right: Dispute Resolution is currently under development.