Tenant Survival Guide



The Basics

Since 1984, TRAC has been producing the Tenant Survival Guide (TSG). Now on its 13th edition, the TSG offers plain language legal education on tenants’ and landlords’ rights and responsibilities in BC. Order a hardcopy or view our online wikibook to learn how you can survive as a tenant in BC’s challenging rental housing market.



Order a Hardcopy

TRAC has applied for project funding to reprint our Tenant Survival Guide. We hope to once again be able to distribute free copies of the guide to tenants, legal advocates, and service providers across BC.



Online Wikibook

TRAC has transformed its popular Tenant Survival Guide into an Online Wikibook. Compared to a PDF, the Wikibook is easier to read on screen, fully searchable, and hyperlinked to key forms and resources.  It can also be downloaded as an EPUB – a popular e-book standard – and read on an e-reader, tablet or mobile device.