Other Tenant Publications



Law Students’ Legal Advice Program Manual

The LSLAP Manual is comprised of approximately 1000 pages of legal information, divided into 22 chapters. The manual is easy-to-use and provides quick answers to many legal issues. Originally designed as an educational resource for LSLAP students, it is now used by hundreds of organizations across British Columbia.



Guide for Manufactured Home Park Landlords and Tenants in BC

This booklet provides a summary of the key features of the Manufactured Home Park Tenancy Act and how they affect landlords and tenants in manufactured home parks in British Columbia.



Residential Tenancy Branch Policy Guidelines

The Residential Tenancy Branch publishes policy guidelines that help explain the intent of many sections of the Residential Tenancy Act. These guidelines are written in plain language, and can help you develop a strong argument for a dispute resolution hearing.



BC Judicial Review Self-Help Guide

Community Legal Assistance Society’s website helps you apply for and represent yourself at a Judicial Review through the Supreme Court of BC.



Legal Help for British Columbians Online Wikibook

Legal Help for British Columbians is a resource for non-legal professionals in British Columbia who have clients with legal problems and little money to deal with them. For over 40 common legal problems, the Guide provides first steps to address the problem and options for further information or help.



Aboriginal People and the Law in BC

Comprehensive guide for legal advocates that identifies Aboriginal issues in 19 areas of law, including criminal, family, and consumer law, as well as Indian residential schools, wills and estates, harvesting rights, and housing.



Can’t Pay Your Mortgage? What You Can Do If You’re Facing Foreclosure

Revised booklet for homeowners who can’t make their mortgage payments, or have received a Petition to go to court. Explains what homeowners can do during foreclosure, and lists agencies that can help. Includes where to get required court forms online and instructions to complete them.



Know Your Rights Handbook: A Guide for People Who Rely on Public Space

This toolkit is designed for people who rely on public space, as well as the advocates and service providers who work alongside them.  In particular, this toolkit aims to highlight relevant rights for people who are criminalized due to their reliance on public space, participation in grey economies, and substance use.